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Oddities and curiousities, witchy decor, mushrooms

At The Fabled Raven we celebrate the earth by using mostly natural and preserved items that we source locally and ethically. We choose to honor the beauty and magic of nature in life as well as in death. This means that we source our bones and skulls ethically, home grow and preserve flowers, as well as support other small businesses for our products. All items are designed and put together by hand, making each item one of a kind.

Woman owned, witch, goth, home decor

Woman Owned.
My name is Amanda and I create all of the pieces on this site, as well as own and operate a hair salon studio full time. My passion for the natural world fuels me to stay creative at home and at the salon.

I draw my inspiration from things in the natural world and add a bit of magic and whimsy to each and every item offered. Each item is made with positive intention and is cleansed and blessed for its new home.

lavender, hand, home decor, witchy, flowers
lavender, herbs, home decor, altar adornments, witchy, spells, hand made
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