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Bringing in the New Year Right!!

So, here we are. Another year that has completely flown by. This past year has been a whirlwind of craziness, diving head first into the unknown, love, hurt, obstacles, travel, healing, and learning. I know that with all of the crap that I've experienced this past year, I have so much more good than the bad. I consider it all learning experiences.We have had our ups and downs in both personal and professional lives. This has been a year of learning. Next year will be a year of growing. I will take with me all of the insanity and learn and grow from it.

So, this past month specifically has been just down right crazy. As we enter Mercury's Retrograde it makes it so much clearer looking back. As you know the last events were... not great.. But we will not let it get us down!! I had surgery yesterday morning 12/28 and am now in recovery/forced time off from work for the next nearly 3 weeks. I had a full tubal ligation/removal from my uterus. I did this not just because of birth control reasons, but for health preventative reasons. Doing this procedure is a Cancer Preventative choice that I made. I have already been through cancer once in my life and do not want to deal with that ever again. Having it once makes me more prone, plus family history and the like. I am at an age where I know that I never want to have children of my own, and my husband and I are on the same page. By doing this procedure it is more of a burden lifted than anything. I have other health issues that would make it extremely dangerous should I become pregnant, and as you may know, I live in Tennessee where women do not have rights to our own bodies. Another subject for another time.

Anywho, I will be using some of this time to create some really great things that you'll be seeing here in the not too distant future. Not to mention that I have just launched a merch line of shirts and notebooks. These are now available to purchase in the shop! I am very proud of these. They are all of our logos that were designed specifically for Fabled Raven, by a friend of mine from college, Daniel Finsley. These items are printed on demand, which means that I do not hold any inventory. I may choose to offer these at live events in the future, but for now this is how it goes! It's much more affordable this way for a very small business. But I've mentioned before...I plan to GROW!!! Oh and the printers that I have chosen for all of these are small businesses as well. I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am about these!!!! The shirts come in so many fun colors as well.

So, one of my other new ventures lately has become entomology! I know I never thought that I would be able to work with dead bugs...but.. Those butterflies are so pretty!!!!! I got myself a little kit to pin butterflies, moths and other things!! I will have so many cool things coming up this winter and spring. Right now is also a perfect time to request custom orders as well!! I'll be working on some more wreaths and with the butterflies a little bit more. but I have tons of really cool skulls hanging out here waiting too! We now have hand carved Viking Bone Runes as well as something special with antlers also in the works. So stay tuned for all of the new in the new year!!


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