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4" glass intention vials filled with perserved flowers, crystals, and positive intentions. These are made with love and light so you can put your own intentions into it. You can hang it up, wear it as an amulet, or place it anywhere you please.

Medium Intention Bottles

  • Care: All products are made for indoor use. To prevent fading/damage, keep inside, out of direct sunlight, and high humidity areas: bathrooms, etc.

    We do not accept returns, cancelations, or exchanges. Everything is one of a kind. I can always make something similar to something you have seen on the website, depending on stock and supplies.

    All flowers are real. Some petal loss is expected during travel. Once the item is shipped, we are not responsible/liable for damages/loss.

  • All bones, skulls, and insects are ethically and sustainably sourced. Meaning that these animals are not hunted and killed for the sole purpose of selling. I source from taxidermists, finding things in nature that are already dead and from Native American reservations where all parts of the animal are used and where population controlled hunts are permitted. EVERYTHING that I use is already dead. I'm using their bones to honor the beauty in life as well as in death.

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