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Witch Balls.

These beautiful (child and familiar friendly) ornaments come in a variety of different floral accents along with small crystals and other magical features. These are filled with magic and wonder. Some have scenes, and others are filled to the brim with preserved items from my gardens. These are filled with intentions of protection and positivity.

Witch Balls/Yule Balls/Faerie Balls :

These aren't just for the holidays. These are protective spheres designed to ward off or ensnare evil spirits, energies, illnesses, bad fortune, and curses from entering your home. They are meant to be hung year round near an east facing window or entrance...or any window and entrance.

It's been said that this is the origin of christmas tree ornaments.

Witch Balls, Ornaments, real flowers, holiday

  • Care: all products are made for indoor use. To prevent fading/damage keep inside, it of direct sunlight and high humidity areas: bathrooms, etc.

    We do not accept returns, cancelations or exchanges. Everything is one of a kind. I can always make something similar to something you have seen in the website, depending on stock and supplies.

    All flowers are real, some petal loss is expected during travel. Once item is shipped we are not responsible/liable for damages/loss.

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