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Holidays Are Upon Us!!

Here We Go!!!

Today we are offering 15% OFF Site wide using code: THANKS15 TODAY ONLY!

If you are shopping for gifts that need to be shipped, please purchase by the end of this week in order to ensure your packages make it on time.

We also just want to say thank you all for your love and support over the past year. We have listed so many new items and will continue to do so!! We only have 2 more live markets this year so please if you are local come out and see us!! We will always have more items there than listed. However, we will be listing all of our major items here.

So, now that the business side is over! Let's talk about traditions! We over here at the Keltner house celebrate a blend of traditions. We have a steady flow of cinnamon around the house, candles, incense, simmer pots etc. We exchange gifts and stockings all through the month. I make Italian food on Xmas Eve and orange glazed cinnamon rolls the next morning and we leave offerings for our ancestors on the solstice. We put up a black tree for Yule and Xmas and decorate our tree with mostly handmade ornaments that we find from artists and small businesses as well as make our own. We LOVE Krampus so you will find a good amount of him in our decorations. We also make sure to have our mistletoe hanging in just the right place!

We hope you and your families have a wonderful and magical holiday season no matter what you celebrate.

Here are some of our newest items and ornaments. All of which are listed in the shop!


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