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It's a brand new year?

So, we are almost half way through January and I'm like, What?? I hope everyone's holidays and new year were fabulous! We laid low and tried to stay warm. I had surgery right after Xmas, and it went well. So I have been taking it easy and taking care of myself, which was much needed after the 4th quarter, let me tell you! I'll be back in the salon on the 17th! But ever diligent at home being creative!

Big NEWS!!! You can now find Fabled Raven Butterfly art at Beechwood Creek of Dickson TN!!! Liz, the shop owner, is such an amazing generous person and her store just exudes beauty and positive energy. It may have something to do with the most magical crystals you'll ever see!! Also...WE HAVE OUR STUFF THERE NOW TOO!!!!!!

We have our first 4 confirmed live Vendor Shows already for 2023. They are on the calendar but I'll list them here: first one is Spring Commando Craft Fair in Hendersonville, TN on March 25th, then Spring Full Moon Block Party in Dickson, TN on April 8th, The Strawberry Festival in Portland, TN May 13th, and we will be returning to Scarefest on October 20-22nd in Lexington, KY. We are still waiting on some applications and confirmations on quite a few others, so keep watch on our calendar and on social media. I make more frequent announcements there so I'm not bombarding you daily here!

Now, the fun things I've been working on over here lately have been bugs. Yes, bugs like butterflies, moths, beetles, bees, dragonflies, etc. I have been loving it! I know there haven't been as many bone art items dropping lately, but do not fret. They are on the way too. I've been learning how to pin butterflies and moths. There is trial and error that comes with that...hence the gorgeous butterfly vials that I have only listed today! I have a variety of styles including shadowbox picture frames, terrarium style, jars/vials, and incorporating them into other bone pieces. Either way I am going to have a good bit of new things in the works that should suit all of your tastes!

OH and before I forget, I have a couple of sets of REAL hand carved bone runes available right now. I will likely make more, but only on a commission base or if they get popular. Hand engraving, for me, is really not easy. My hands have been my work tool for 100 years, give or take, and it hurts. When I make them I cannot do much for at least a day. "Nobody said it would be easy, but they didn't say it would be this hard."

These are my slow months: January, Feb, and March. This is the time where I'll be working on inventory and prepping for live events coming in full swing in Spring. That being said, NOW is the time for commissions. If you have anything you have been wanting and not seeing reach out and we can work something out!

If you are on Facebook, I recommend checking out our new VIP group! I do special VIP discounts, early releases, and have fun! I am going to put the VIP discount for this month only here as well, but most updates will be there, since I really only drop newsletters/blogs about once per month. Oh and don't forget about our new MERCH!!! I have gotten a few items and the quality of everything has been wonderful!! I cannot wait to be able to rock our brand at live events!!

I look forward to all that this year has to offer and what's to come. VIP20 is your code for 20% OFF for the rest of January. AND I just dropped those intention jars, butterfly jars, deer jaws, gilded skull and buffalo tooth necklaces, AND some incredibly cool Death's Head Moth shadowbox frames and they are killer!! You have no idea how difficult it is to take a decent photo of something behind a glass pane! lol That's why I try to get the photos pre-frame.

Have a magical month and TTYL Blessed BE!

Your Fabled Maiden, Amanda


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