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It's still January??

Ya'll. It's still January. Like, for real. I feel like the past year went so fast and now we are standing still. Maybe it's from being home for most of this month. Maybe it's because I have things to look forward to. Exciting things. Who knows! All I know is, that during my time spent at home this year may have been filled with mostly recovery time after surgery, but I was still able to make some moves. I have been non stop creating. I was able to set up displays for sale inside of TWO local stores!! We launched our branded products. (which you can order only through here). I have applied to a bajillion events for this year, secured some of those events, and they will all be listed as we get responses. We are priming up for a big year. We are going into this one a little wiser, experienced, and wary. Last year definitely had it's bumps, bruises, and heartache. But we have overcome the obstacles. I have made some of the best and amazing friends over the past year. Every single thing was a learning experience and a blessing. I have learned to trust people, and also not to trust people. It is crazy what you learn about you and others when you are pursuing something brand new. I was looking back on last years events and some older photos of the work I was doing at the beginning of last year. I have to say, I have come a long way. I think that I have found my sweet spot with what I do. I have made bounds from where I was. This year, we are going to be going legit. We will be licensed and officially a whole as business. BOOM! Just in case some of you are newer and haven't seen my other posts. I also own and operate my own Hair salon studio. This chic is a busy lady. I do not have employees. I work all for just me! My husband is my rock and is at every single event to help and support! I could not be out here doing what I do without him!! Anyhoo..

We will still be doing some prepping for the coming year, so we can be better prepared for all of the awesomeness that's to come. We will not be at a live event until March 25th. So, if you have ever wanted something custom made, now is the time to reach out! I have the extra time right now. I know you have been seeing a lot of butterfly art recently, you will continue to see more. I absolutely and both creeped out by it and love it at the same time. Jared (husband) just told me the other night as I was excitedly showing him my new pinned Death Head Moths that I had pinned: "I still can't believe you are doing anything with bugs like this. It's cool! But if you start working with arachnids I'm out."

Haha. I told him I don't intend to but then, I never thought I would be handling all of the dead things that I do now.

I will say this. I'm still not the one who goes out and scrapes carcasses of the side of the road. I have a weak stomach for....smells. Not to mention that if I see the faces I will break down. So, once again I will reiterate that I do not hunt, I do not kill things for the sake of bones and art. I do have a couple of very specific sources. I have a taxidermist friend that I buy the cast offs from, I source from 2 Native American reservations, and other things are found. The butterflies that I get come from butterfly farms. they are not killed for art, they get to live their short little lives happy and they all die from natural causes.

So, all in all this post is also to let you all know that I just dropped a bunch of new stuff into the shop here. You can find our things inside of Beechwood Creek of Dickson and at Eclectic Road Boutique in Smyrna, TN. Both of these shops are amazing on their own but I will say...I made them a little cooler with my arts.

Oh and head over to facebook and join Fabled Raven VIP group. I am able to post more new items and exclusive discounts there, without spamming your emails over here!! If you aren't there already, use code VIP20 to get 20%off through the end of January. Thank you all!!


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