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October: Halloween, Samhain & All Out Spooky Season.


We have some very exciting announcements:

Are you ready for spooky season??? I know we are!! How do you celebrate the season? At our home we like to decorate the outside of our house to match the year round decor inside of our home. We bring out all of our spicy candles that we've collected from all of our friends, watch tons of spooky tv and movies, adore the weather and leaves changing colors and make hearty recipes. Walking in the woods to forage for unique items is an all time favorite. I love getting to wear my favorite hoodies and sweaters, boots jeans and tights.

For the holiday we will put out offerings for the spirits of loved ones and others who have passed. This is the harvest season, whether it be bounties from a garden or work related, so we reflect, prep and dive in order to sustain us through the slower winter months.

I know I've been a little bit silent with blogs on here lately, but there have been a lot of amazing happenings! First, my husband and I made our way back up to Salem, MA last month to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and renew our vows! Let me just say that Salem truly feels like home in my heart.

We have returned to Nashville and boy, do we have a ton of amazing events lined up this quarter!! You can find the events listed on our calendar page. I'll post the lineup here as well. We have so many new items that will not be listed yet. Right now it is our busy season and we are going to be doing live, in person events like crazy for the rest of the year. As we move along, I will be adding things slowly here so keep your eyes peeled!! You may have noticed that the schedule has changed a bit. We added Pumpkinfest in Downtown Franklin, TN and The Holiday Market at Stewart's Creek HS in December. We will NOT be attending the Clarksville event.


So, I said we were working on some new items. A LOT of Oddity items right now. These items are perfect for the whole year or if you're only looking for seasonal they work out well too. I have a few new wreaths but there will be so many more!!!! So, if there is something you see here or on social media don't hesitate to reach out!!

Custom Orders:

We cannot take any custom orders at this time. We can start taking custom orders again starting in January 2023. It may seem like a while, but it will be here in no time!!!


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