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The Answer is YES!

There are so many amazing things in the works for this year!! I have been busy busy over here making and planning our live event season and let me tell you it's going to be a busy one. Our first event this year is March 25th at Hendersonville HS, the Spring Commando. This one is a fundraising event for their wrestling team and includes silent auctions. We are revving up for some big shows this year. April is going to be crazy!! We have at least one event every weekend. May will have one every weekend except Memorial Day weekend. June and July are also stacking up. So keep your eyes peeled and make sure you are checking our calendar for new events!!

I have taken one of my favorite items and made some merch with it! The image on all of these things is my actual piece, just turned into a digital drawing of sorts! I am head over heels for these. The hardback journal is such great quality. As you may have seen before, this is from my Tend to Your Own Garden Collection. I will still be donating a percentage of the proceeds from this line to the National Abortion Fund. We are staunch supporters of human rights and a woman's right to choose. I know this won't appeal to some, but that's ok too. You do you and Please, just Tend to Your Own Garden and stay out of mine.

Some really big news over here is that my amazingly talented husband is jumping on the wagon and has started hand crafting jewelry. He makes chainmail necklaces and bracelets, as well as diving into the real joy of oddity jewelry!! We already have a couple of his earrings posted. They are made with REAL Jewel Beetle Shells and they are divine!!! They look amazing, super light weight and made with real sterling silver. So they are perfect for people with sensitive skin, like me. His brand is called Raven Chainworks, and is under the Fabled Raven umbrella. It's a fun adventure that we are beginning together over here. We will be adding more of his items soon, as well as bringing them to our live events.

I just launched some really cool travel altar kits. They are meant to be paired with tarot decks and/or our hand engraved bone runes. I am working with my friend at Miss Daisy's Boutique by adding her hand poured soy tea light candles in each kit. These kits are all put together by myself and have ingredients that I made inside of them. I am very proud of these and can not wait for you all to see! These are limited as of now so hurry and get yours now!! It's wreath season, the season of flowers and color and growth. New beautiful wreaths and in the making now. I will be focusing a little bit more on the smaller triple moon wreaths unless someone wants a biggie, those will be done on a commission base when it's available.

So as always thank you so much for your continued support. I couldn't do any of this without you all. Check out all of the fun things! I hope to see you out there!!


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