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Where did April Go!!??

Hey There! How are ya? I know it's been a minute, but it's been pretty wild over here for the last month! We are deep into our busy live season and loving it!! I absolutely LOVE getting meet you all in person and seeing the reactions from everyone. Even the bad ones. I have a few things I'm gonna talk about here today, including updated items, events and thoughts. First off, we have mystery oddity/witch boxes.

I'm going to talk about introducing yourself as an artist to the public face to face. As you have all seen from what I do/make it's not for everyone or the faint at heart. When I first got into doing live events I was so scared. I took great offense when someone would make disgusted faces or had snide comments. Fast forward to now. I have soo many wonderful lovers of my art and have grown a bit of a shell and am honestly, amused by the offended of my art. Being a new artist in 2021 I was terrified of people hating what I made. Art is something very personal to whoever is making it. This is a way of expression and artists put their hearts, blood, sweat, and pain into items. I know it is like that for me, but I won't speak for all artists. I also live in the bible belt of Tennessee and is a tough world for a witch to break out into the public. I have had so many people come to me and thank me for putting myself out there because others are so afraid of what could happen if they did. I am reassured every time that I am doing the right thing and have lost the fear of opinions that don't matter. I actually received my first scripture sheet from someone yesterday, even though I told her I don't care what people believe in as long as it's not shoved in my face. lol This is life in the bible belt. So I guess what I'm getting at with this is, do you. Don't let people tell you what or who you are is wrong. It might be hard but you will be stronger because of it. You will find your people and be stronger because of it.

Anywho, enough with the inspirational and the uninspired. We are crushing the live event season right now. We are signed up for some reeeaallly amazing events this year. I am updating the event calendar as we go. We will sadly NOT be set up at the Rotten Revival this year because we will be set up at Nashville Comicon that weekend!!! So look it up and get your tickets asap!!! I will be making some items that will be exclusive to that event and some extra goodies for you!

I know you may have seen that we have been adding some new styles and items to the collections. I have been making bone jewelry and it's been super popular! We have all new butterfly art and I've been making divine love oil in roller balls that smell intensely amazing. I haven't been posting the new items here because we are need all inventory on deck for these festivals!! I'll share some of the items for example, but a good bit of them have already sold out! So, I'll try to be sure to get back here next month with more updates!!

Keep it weird!!


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